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Are you in the Podcast Enthusiastic Club? The average listener spends 7 hours a week listening to their favourite episodes, with mostly women at the helm (48%). The Guardian has described podcasts as ‘arguably the first great art form of the 21st century’. Influencers, thought-leaders and B2B marketers have all jumped on the bandwagon, creating podcasts to build brand awareness, grow their customer base, and position themselves in their desired place in the marketplace.

And yet, as wonderful as they are, there are some major rabbit holes so many podcast hosts tumble down, making some podcasts terribly annoying.

So let’s get into it, why are certain podcasts irritating us so much?

Ridiculous Ads

Many comedians have written sketches about podcast hosts flogging products, like Steven Bartlett and Huel Food, the UK’s number 1 complete food. Comedian Josh Berry mocks Steven for his righteous praise of the product calling it ‘the greatest discovery of the human race…without this I wouldn’t be the happy, sexy, rich and modest millionaire I am’. See the full sketch here.

You know how it goes, you’re knee-deep in intense real-crime podcast joy, about to get to that key moment, and bam, an ad, promoting a healthy food box or a memory foam pillow. No thank you.

Agreeing with Everything

Podcast hosts can make or break a show. If there are two, you want them to have banter and show individuality. It’s dead boring when they agree with each other all the time because they’re too similar. And there is a fine balance to be had with hosts interviewing guests; you want them to challenge the guests but at the same time, show respect and admiration for their work. Who else finds it super awkward when it goes one way or the other?

Self-Indulgent Rambling

Seriously, who needs a 15-minute intro before the content you actually showed up for begins? Just tell us your upcoming events, offers, news, and what you’re going to eat tonight, but keep it to three minutes, please.

Live Episodes

We’re positive people, but constant pauses so an audience can clap, not our cup of tea. The beauty of a podcast is you feel in the same room as the hosts. Also, no thank you to hearing the audience shuffling around in their seats.

Epic Running Times

Can you concentrate non-stop for 1 hr 53 minutes, secondly, who has the time, or cares enough? Episodes running from 20-30 mins reign supreme, as they play to our busy schedules and attention levels.

Unable to Relate to New Listeners

Any podcaster aims to have a tribal following, but make sure you always stay accessible to new listeners. Inside jokes are great, but remember to show context so new listeners can feel included.

So if you’re thinking about starting a podcast to promote your work (wink wink, Love the Idea Podcast help businesses nail this), don’t fall into the trap of becoming annoying.

A good podcast can get potential customers to buy into you. They need to be convinced on more than just what you do. This is your platform to showcase your identity and values as a business, and most importantly, do it well so people take a genuine interest in listening to what you have to say.



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