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The Ultimate Stress Management and Fitness App for High-Performing Professionals


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Mobile App Developement


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Your Stress Management and Exercise Companion

Reset is a unique life experience-based app designed to connect users with exceptional professionals specialized in teaching self-help techniques and methods to reduce stress while boosting fitness. The idea for this app stemmed from a brilliant concept put forth by one of our clients, envisioning a platform to help individuals in high-stress jobs effectively manage their stress levels, even before reaching a crisis point.

The Journey of Visualization

Upon approaching Love the Idea, the Reset team sought to transform their app concept into reality. Collaboratively, we embarked on the journey of designing and building a sophisticated UI/UX framework. This process allowed us to comprehend the intricacies and scale of the project while documenting every aspect. Our client, a dedicated individual who collaborated with various lifestyle coaches, aimed to provide expert guidance in stress management and early warning signs recognition. These coaches, ranging from yoga instructors, sports experts, and psychologists, to music tutors, were committed to assisting people in managing stress effectively.

The Reset Creation

Over several months of hard work, we honed the concept, outlined necessary frameworks, and prepared for potential challenges during app development. Employing the InVision app, we meticulously crafted the UI/UX from scratch. React Native, the JavaScript-based mobile app framework developed by Facebook, became our go-to tool to build Reset. The development process encompassed creating a robust backend, an efficient admin panel, and a framework to manage a diverse array of coaches from different professions. Additionally, we designed a seamless booking system, enabling users to schedule sessions with their preferred coaches for personalized stress management services.

Presenting its finest feature

Reset emerges as a powerful stress management app, connecting users with exceptional professionals capable of guiding them through their stress management journey. Primarily targeting high-end job holders, the app empowers them to seek professional support for coping with stress effectively. Users can explore various stress-relieving activities, such as tapping, singing, music therapy, yoga, and more. The app’s mission revolves around integrating these activities with mental strength training, facilitated by both professionals and like-minded individuals sharing common goals.

This app is your ultimate stress management and exercise companion, revolutionizing the way people tackle stress, achieve mental well-being, and enhance their overall fitness journey.

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