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Whether it’s emails, bank details, tax number, photo threads, conversations, or other sensitive information; your data needs to have some safe keeping. And in order for you to do that and keep online thieves from messing around or stealing your most precious files you will need the power of encryption.

So, encrypt or encryption, to someone who is not a security specialist you may have heard it once, twice or even thrice in your life; but you might also have questions running from the back of your mind like “What exactly is it?” “How does it work?” “What’s in it for me trying to encrypt all of my data online?” because seriously we are getting a bunch of interpretations.

What is Encryption and how does it work?

From the Greek word kryptos, which means hidden or secret. Encryption, is simply the process of turning plain texts messages or data into unintelligible gibberish cypher.

In short, it makes the actual information unreadable to unauthorized third party except the authorized recipient.

Digital data is stored on our device and it can be transmitted via the Internet and other computer networks. That is why modern algorithms came into the picture to play a vital role of security and confidentiality to our files.

There are two types of key algorithms when it comes to encryption namely: symmetric and asymmetric. A symmetric key (private key) algorithm uses related encryption keys for both encryption and decryption. Asymmetric key (public key) is an algorithm which uses different keys for encryption and decryption.

Let’s take it this way, text messages are decoded with keys between public key to private key. Possessing the private key will allow the recipient to change the data back to its readable form. On the other hand, people or third party trying to hack outside won’t be able to do so.

The fundamental idea behind encrypted data is simple. Whenever we send out data it turns into cyphertext. The right recipient will only be able to see it to its readable form.

Why Should I Encrypt My Files?

Basically, you should be well aware of the fact that breaking into a password-protected computer is insanely easy. What more of  the details you put on your social media or Internet? Hackers are getting smarter so better outwit them when you still can. We’ll give you three reasons why:

1. Hides your Private Information


It’s fine to be open but there are just some things that you need to hide from the eye of the public. Prevent others from viewing your private browsing and chat histories to keep yourself away from getting into some kind of trouble. One example that everyone might be complacent about is identity thief or blackmailing. Remember, any information that you put online can be captured by anyone especially cyber criminals.

The process used for encryption is massively complex. So it’s better to keep a vault on your files rather than let e-truders pry on any available information of you online and offline.

2. Data Protection


The main reason why you you need to get your data encrypted is to protect your data from other people cause if you have something there that you don’t want anyone else to know they don’t get to see it.

With encryption you can protect data from possible exploitation of hackers and other online criminals. It secures your data when  sitting on our laptops and other data centers. It protects those sensitive information to be transmitted around the Internet.

Encrypted data is very important because it allows you to securely protects the information you don’t like anyone else to hack and gain access to your property

Identity theft is out there and any minute you could be a possible target

It’s not just good for personal use but also recommended for other interest especially corporate and non corporate businesses. Online thieves are getting trickier and smarter and you need to outwit them by securing classified information to guard against

Encryption is the safest way of keeping your data from possible hackers or online criminals.

3. Stores Data in the Cloud 

Businessman and the cloud computing conceptIf you are forgetful like I do and very lazy to check your look book of passwords your best solution would be the cloud digital wallets. It synchs all your data across all your different computers and mobile devices so that you don’t lose anything. With cloud based services you won’t need to memorize your data by heart if your password database is encrypted; constant keeping of all passwords has never been this handy and secured.

So now that you have finally decided to encrypt your data, there must be this second query you would like to ask; “Where could I possibly find the best encryption software out there?” Well, dear friend, here’s a video to answer your question:


 Now that you know it can basically make a huge impact for an everyday person like you and me. Don’t be too lazy. Branch out there and learn more about encrypting your data—secure your data before its too late!

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